May 29, 2014

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I went to a shopping meeting last night and met the merchant lady who owns the Marmalade Cat Cafe in Kelowna, BC.  It is a cute and quaint cafe that sells only the best Latte’s and Mocas on the face of this earth.  Much better then those “other” coffee places.  They also  have the best food for breakfast and lunch.  Look out for fancy and cute little “cat” things to buy.  Please visit and tell them Brenda recommended the place!

They are involved in my shopping business so every time I go there and buy that latte, I get cash back.  How cool is that? Does that other coffee place offer cash back? Of course not!!  If you live in Kelowna come on down and bring a friend.





I have tried them all

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By the way folks


I have tried every kind of business out there trying to make a buck and have never seen anything like this.  We have BIG name companies like Microsoft involved with us and they would not be involved if this was a scam so please put that out of your mind right now.


Lets face it, you work for a company right–who makes the big bucks: the guy at the top.

This is not like that.  You can make big bucks just by shopping and telling others and make as much as the guy at the top.


Is this for you?

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Consider This


  1. When you make a purchase through your own business–merchants you will receive 1-2 percent cash back (some are more then that)
  2. You get the money right away –example I spend $300 on my cash cards for Superstore and Petro-Can and I make $6.00 right away, –it all adds up over a year of course
  3. Friendship Bonus: When you enroll a friend or family member you earn 0.5% bonus off of their purchases when they buy through their own business also.

Basically if you look at it this way, you busy from Costco right but before you join Costco THEY WANT MONEY–however they give you a cash back at year end.  That is just one company, imagine thousands of companies like this all together in your business and they all give cash backs.  Its totally cool!


Type of Stores

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Some of Our Merchants



Dry Cleaners


Auto Service Companies

Car Washes



Web Designers

Clothing Stores


Hair Salons

Gyms and Spas

Yoga Studios


and on and on, remember if you shop in your own company you get cash back



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My Promise to you


Lets make sweet money music together

Become part of my Team today and I will work with you every step of the way

I promise you won’t regret this

This is not a get rich quick business-so if this is what you are looking for then please step away

You make money upon your first $300 dollars of shopping and we all spend that every single month on groceries and gas

I am very approachable and will work with you to succeed



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The Process is so Simple, Here is a quick Summary


  1. Get money back with every purchase
  2. You get a cash back card
  3. You get a gift card
  4. You get cash back by shopping online
  5. You get cash back by shopping via your smartphone
  6. You get a friendship bonus if you invite your friends
  7. International company
  8. Charitable Foundations
  9. The Entire world is shopping together


Why Join Me?

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  • Are you having a hard time finding a job?
  • Do you want to own your own business with flexible hours?
  • Do you want to make money without loosing your own money?
  • Do you want to save money?
  • Do you want to live a better life?
  • Do you want to retire early?
  • Join me in my business and I will promise to how you how?


How it works

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Key Points


Our program allows many revenue streams including earning money from others that you refer to the shopping program!


  • We currently have almost 30,000 loyalty merchants
  • Approximately 45 countries world-wide.
  • 3,500 online stores


My goal will always be to help and get this working for you, so if you want to just shop contact me please, if you want to build the business contact me directly and we can build it together.




The complete truth

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The complete truth about our shopping program allows the following:


  • Cash back from shopping at Superstore
  • Cash back from shopping at Petro Canada
  • Cash back from shopping at Shoppers Drugmart

and on and on Microsoft, The Source.  These are just a couple, obviously there are thousands.


Need a new car, buy it through your own business and make a ton of money


Check it out Here


How We Got Started

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Thanks for landing on my site…………………………….


What brought you here? Hopefully because you are looking at ways to make money at home. If this is you then please look around my website and click some of the tabs.  If you do any kind of grocery shopping, filling up your car with gas or just want to buy something for yourself, why not come into business with me because you get paid to shop.  I’m not kidding!!  Check out some more info here: (insert link here) otherwise continue reading as it’s kinda fun.

brendabk copy

Anyway back to why I made this website!!

I was asked by my sister Sheila if I was interested in making money just by shopping at my normal stores. I said well ok what’s the catch? She said absolutely no catch. I said there has to be a catch. She said nope, lets do some research and find out.


We Picked up the Phone and Called Australia

So her and I set about looking for information about this company (she was brand new in the company herself and couldn’t wait to share) and we found this guy in Austria and we emailed him. Not only were we surprised to get a reply so quickly but we even got to phone him. We are the type that just needed to talk on the phone to a real person about a real possibility to make some real money. Anyway, he said yes all you do is shop at your normal stores, tell a few people and before you know it, you have built up enough units to actually start getting monthly checks. We said “no way” he said yes way. He said he is signed up, his wife is signed up because theres a friendship bonus and her parents are signed up. He said in about the second year the checks started rolling in. They were not gigantic checks mind you (he sent us a screen shot) but it was monthly income coming in…(around 1200). He said all you do is shop and you get paid. Well we thanked him very much and that was it….we were in.

How many companies pay you that kind of money just for shopping

The sign-up IS FREE. Absolutely FREE. So if you are honestly here to check out how to make extra money than please click on the other tabs and lets get going together.  Trust me: there is NO CATCH, the only catch is this is not a get rich quick theme.

I am very excited to be working with you. Stay tuned for video updates.

BTW: if you are serious about making money I am serious about helping you.  I have found fantastic tools to assist you and one of those tools is right here and I honestly have to say it is probably the best site on the web. Click here to check! You won’t be disappointed as it’s an amazingly helpful site for any business.

Peace, and Many Blessings——–Brenda

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